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Are you ready to create a calm, functional, and well organized home that stays that way?

Life’s too short to live in a cluttered, chaotic home that causes:

  • lost time
  • wasted money
  • frustration
  • stress & overwhelm

You deserve to live in a home you love. One that functions smoothly, efficiently and where everything has a ‘home’. It’s your time; it’s your turn!

We see past the clutter. We see YOU!

Allison Moon Professional Organizing is a home organizing company that serves Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas.

We are a team of compassionate, efficient, and detail-oriented organizers. 

With every project, our goal is to offer the guidance, support and hands-on assistance our clients need throughout the process of decluttering and organizing.

Our true passion is supporting people as they transform their own homes and make space for what's most important. 

No matter what your stage of life (or the state of your home), I promise you will receive nothing but compassion, positivity, and a fun and functional approach to home organizing. 

Virtual Organizing
Allison went above and beyond to ensure the organizing was complete and usable for my family’s needs. I recommend her 100%!
Mary Y. , Homeschooling Mom of 4
What a relief! That was painless. And the transformation of our basement storage area is amazing. I cannot believe how clean the workbench is, or that we have all that floor space back. Kristen and Kate were lovely and worked so quickly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Krista O., Entrepreneur & Mom

The Dream Team


The Dream Team






Professional Organizers

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Our aim is to create a transformative experience for you. Our expertise and problem-solving abilities will help you create a beautifully organized home that contains only what you love, use, and need! 

You'll love your efficient and well-organized home. We guarantee it!

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3) Schedule session(s), get organized, and start to breathe again!

What a life changing experience! Allison's team got so much done and made my home so much more functional. The amount organized and cleared out was amazing, I am so happy with my experience and would most definitely recommend doing this. It took me awhile to finally book it and I am so happy I did. Well worth the money!!
Jolene B.
What an amazing day these ladies just rock!! I highly recommend this service to anyone overwhelmed, & not knowing where to start. Call Allison you won't be dissapointed.
Kitty K., Oakville

Can you relate?

  • Simply no time to start, let alone finish, a decluttering or organizing project
  • Can’t figure out how to maximize storage space
  • Difficulty letting go of items connected to the past
  • Decision paralysis
  • ADD/ADHD or other health issues interfering with progress
  • Concerned that once everything is organized, maintenance will be impossible
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Love Your Home Again

Our Values

Confidentiality 100%

As a National Association member, we are held to a high standard for maintaining your confidentiality.

Support 100%

We provide hands-on support and creative storage solutions and systems that make daily life easier.

Judgement 0%

We are only interested in helping you, not in judging you. Our focus is to help you get organized and move on with your life.

Kind Words from our Clients

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Yes! A cleaner typically visits your home on a frequent basis to complete surface housekeeping.  A Professional Organizer offers a deeper dive into decluttering, organizing, and beautifying your home. They help you create sustainable systems for keeping your home organized on an ongoing basis.

Living in an organized home will transform your daily life and make everything flow with ease! You will save time and money you spent searching for, or replacing lost items. You’ll feel empowered knowing where every item in your home lives.

Yes! Even if you’re not  born with the organizing ‘gene’, it is possible to develop the skills it takes to be more organized.  Decision making, mindfulness, prioritizing are just some of the skills that will help you maintain a more organized home and life.

The respect of client confidentiality is a core value for reputable Professional Organizers. Many organizers are members of a National Association and are held to a high standard for maintaining confidentiality

When our homes become cluttered, we start to isolate and avoid having people over.  Over time, this can significantly affect our well being and quality of life. It’s worth the effort to get organized. A Professional Organizer has the skills to help you make these important changes in your home and life.

We take all necessary precautions when working with our clients including wearing gloves, masks and washing our hands regularly.  We also respect social distancing guidelines when working with our clients.

It depends on how many items you have and how quickly you’re able to make decisions.  It’s best to think of home organizing as a marathon rather than a sprint.  Set aside a few hours each week to focus on one specific area or closet. 

We provide complimentary In Home and Virtual Consultations. These meetings are important as it allows the homeowner to discuss their goals and needs and to receive more detail about the organizing services available.

Professional Organizer provides hands-on and emotional support as you make decisions about what stays and what goes. They will introduce creative storage solutions and systems that will make daily life easier. They will help you understand the reason you’re struggling with clutter and disorder.

The role of a Professional Organizer is to provide you with the guidance and support you need to declutter and get organized. They are only there to help you reach your goals for your home. Whether or not you decide to get rid of items is entirely up to you.

Not necessarily.  We can provide a variety of solutions to getting organized including DIY projects and repurposing items you already have.

All payments are due in full at the time of booking. Payment options include Credit Card, PayPal, Cheque, Cash and e-Transfer.



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Home Organizing FAQ Part 2

Questions you don't ask (😮), but you really want answers to ...

A skilled Professional Organizer conducts a thorough assessment of your ‘organizing history’ and will learn what  has blocked you from getting and staying organized. From there, they will help you put systems in place that work for you and keep you on track.

We are only interested in helping you, not judging you.  Our focus is on helping you get organized and moving on with your life. We’ve truly seen it all.

Yes- We are able to maintain objectivity because it’s not our stuff!  We will guide you through a step-by-step process of decluttering and getting organized. We will provide you with the emotional support you need during the sessions.

If clutter and disorder is affecting your daily life, the investment you make in Professional Organizing support will be well worth it.  You may consider what the ‘cost’ will be if you don’t get the professional help you truly need right now.

A  highly skilled Professional Organizer will ensure that the organization and systems created will be easy for you to maintain.  You may need to create new life habits to keep up with the changes you’ve made.

It’s possible. However, the process of decluttering and getting organized often requires the skills of a professional to help you create the home of your dreams.  Often, working with someone who knows you can actually create bigger challenges.

This is something we hear a lot!  There are so many areas in our life that require professional support.  For some, the overwhelm of clutter is so significant that they truly require that level of support.

No one lives in a perfect home! Many face the challenges of living a busy life and juggling the demands of school, work, family, and children. Most homes get unruly and need to be decluttered and reorganized on occasion.

Working With A Pro Organizer

You're in the driver’s seat, I'm the passenger with the MAP!


I’m like a personal trainer for your home! I will guide, support, and empower you to make decisions about what stays and what goes. Your ‘decluttering muscle’ will get stronger with every decision. You will feel lighter in no time!


Once you have only what you love and use, it will be far easier to create a beautifully organized home. I will recommend the best storage systems that are effective, beautiful and easy to maintain. Instead of being scattered, distracted and overwhelmed, you will experience the fabulous feeling of knowing exactly where every item in your house is located!


The key to household ‘flow’ is having customized systems for your family and your lifestyle. We can help with anything from paperwork to time management systems to ensure that your home-life is running efficiently.


Let’s remove any unused/unneeded items from your home so you’re only packing what you love and need. If you are downsizing, I will help with space planning so that you know exactly what items will fit in your new home. Having a beautifully organized home will ensure that you sell your home quickly and for the right price!

Choose the option below that seems right for you!

Hands-On Home Organizing

Hands-On Organizing

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Perfect if you need in-person support and a step-by-step plan and support to declutter and get organized.

Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing

Technology is Our Friend
Perfect if you’re comfortable using digital tools and don’t need the ‘in person’ help. What you need is an expert plan, coaching and an accountability partner.

Virtual Organizing


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